Providing higher resolution wide-angle coverage with less bandwidth than competing products, RemoteReality’s robotic solutions are a game-changer for the industry. The compact form factor further expands number of platforms that our solutions can reach.



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Providing real-time views of sporting events as they unfold gives viewers immediate, interactive on-line experiences that complement what they may be seeing on television. Viewers also are able to interact with the video so they can see what they are most interested in. Independent view control enables “second screen” capability for broader reach across multiple viewers. 

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In surveillance applications, our optics and software deliver broad area coverage, which means that all the ground in a particular area is viewable, with no blind spots. The excellent quality of the video enables security personnel to see farther with each camera than alternative wide-area cameras (compared to fisheyes, for example). As a result, fewer camera as needed to cover an area, resulting in considerable cost savings and added safety and security.

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Proving unobtrusive center of table real-time panoramic video capture, RemoteReality’s compact systems enable informal around-the-table video conferencing and full 360º meeting capture. Our optics have the capability to provide HD quality video on each participant in a small group setting.

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